I woke up today going through the paces.

wondering where i am, what am i doing?

how am i so scared to live?

why am i so scared to fully open my heart.

it’s pure, it’s golden, and it’s abundant

I want to love deeply and people don’t understand me.

I feel deeply

clearing the under-expressed voice… clearing the need to have a man provide… clearing the separation and disconnection of being a a witch, a sage, a visionary. Gratitude for the creativity and artistry, courage, resilience to do better.


against skin

against skin

something special ignites

when a ray caresses the face

healing the mother wound

transmuting and alchemizing the ancestral line

addressing the core values

resilience breathes thoroughly into DNA

balancing our hearts

creating a new world

meditation and manifesting

feeling the full brilliance buzzing within.

Oh Sweet Child!

I am here to walk you through the shadowlands, for these are your ancestors releasing their pain, their violence, their ignorance.

Hold my hand and take me to your darkest, deepest depth. Allow the pain to show up and together we shall alchemize!!

She will.

She will.

Warrior woman, you got shit to do. go on now… get it done….

for she will not compromise. she will shine through the darkest hour with heartfelt joy.  she will overcome your struggle with fierce steadiness. she WILL soar. she WILL blow your mind as our warrior. she WILL. RISE.